Senior Tibbles is da bomb diggity

It's comforting to know that I am the Stella Artois of lesbians. "The Holy Grail of Lesbianism" is much better than regular so-so lezzy and the god-awful "I wish I was a real boy" lesbian. Eventually I will be thin enough to be pretty and, with an arsenal of new clothes, I shall be unstoppable.
While I hate beer, I've since been told that there is a giant difference between American beer and European beer, moreso than serving temperature. I'll have to try some one day... one fictional day when I'm fictionally in Europe.

I've beaten Starcraft: Brood War yet again. The final stage took me 5.5 freaking hours. I think I'll play regular Starcraft again. It's always fun to watch Kerrigan get eaten by the Zerg. Though, it does turn her evil and she is saddled with the nonsensical title "The Queen of Blades." I like the Zerg but they have so many disadvantages and I can win much easier with the Protoss or Terrans.

I want to transfer to The Universtiy of Pittsburgh! The polisci department there is scary-good plus I can major in Japanese Studies (double majors... mmmmm)! Why is tuition $19,000/year?!!? Just look at the Political Science department. They offer 4 fields of study for crying out loud! I HAVE to transfer but I really don't want to because I really can't afford it. Maybe next year, once I've built up my transcript enough I'll be able to kick-ass scholarship wise and will have it paid for. I think I'm skittish about it because after my turmoil with finaid this year I'm worried that I'll get even less next year. Maybe I can have my finaid info sent to Pitt and see how much they're willing to offer me. So, we'll see. You only need a 2.75 gpa to transfer there? Psh. Easy peasy. What I do need to do, however, is get my ass down to JCC and keep retaking that damn bullshit math test until I'm passed into regular stupid math so I can get that shite over and done with. I have to have it done if I want to transfer. Damn you, UofL for your ridiculously stupid requirements.

Please, do not click on this unless you have a sense of humor:

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nicole proving

damn, ishta is hot

To clear up something that I know has bothered at least 2 people.

No, I don't think every meat eater is a puppy-murdering serial killer but when I'm mad I tend to say things off-the-cuff (just like 99% of the population). However, if you've known me for longer than say, 2 weeks, chances are you know my feelings about meat eating. In case you've forgotten:

1) yes, I do find eating meat to be repugnant and I've never claimed otherwise
2) I find it immoral and unethical
3) I think if most people spent time in a slaughter house and saw the way these animals are horribly treated, saw their pain, looked into their eyes, and SAW the fear and eventual murder of these animales, they'd not eat them again
4) I believe in eating the food that grows from the earth. Cows don't grow on vines, though, admitedly, it'd be pretty fucking funny if they did.
5) Animals can and do feel pain, fear, excitement and apprehension and I'd wager to say that your dog/cat/whatever also can tell that you love it very much
6) For some reason, most people seem to draw a huge fucking distinction between cows and pigs and dogs and cats. One is a loving pet, the other is dinner and no one sees the hypocracy in their diet. Most Americans wouldn't eat a kitten-burger or pizza with puppy pepperoni and you can be a smartass all you want with "haha, I would! Mmm... puppies. Neenner" and you'd be a fucking liar and you know it. Save your moronic "comeback" for someone dumb enough to laugh at your lame attempt at humor
7) I'm very "Catholic vs Gays" on this. Catholics love the sinner and hate the sin. I think that's fine. To them being gay is a sin, that doesn't make them hate gay people. To me, eating meat is disgusting. It causes pain and suffering to a living being but eating them doesn't make me hate you, I hate that you feel the need to ignore the pain, horror and destruction you cause.
8) I've moved on from my militant shove-my-agenda-down-your-throat-days, but I am always more than happy to talk about vegetarian/veganism and will support anyone's desire to change thier diet for the better and help in any way I can.
9) Serial killers DO start out murdering and torturing animals and/or children because it's easy, the victims cannot fight back and no one really cares. I believe humans have a certain amount of responsibility to each other and the rest of the planet and it pains me to see people disregard it with abandon.
10) To quote Ghandi: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

There. A nice little disclaimer repeating things that everyone who reads this thing with any regularity should already know.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch...

After class Kaz-sensee told us about Japan and how the people there, especially the younger people, are enamoured with Americans and how little kids are drawn to us. She said that they love to take pictures with Americans who "look cool." She talked about how they love blonde hair and she said they'd be fascinated with my piercings. She didn't know my tongue was done and when I showed her she said, "ITAI! I feel pain! I feel pain for you!" She asked me if it bothers me to eat or if, when I wear sweaters in the winter, if they get caught or anything. She's so adorable! She fed us rice and candy today and she saw Kyo-bunny (the little plush bunny that I take everywhere) and said, "Kawaii!" I told her that I collect rabbits and she said she has one at home that she's going to give to me. I want her to adopt me. She's the bestest ever! Her class is so fun. I've never had this much fun learning a language! And it makes me very happy to know that I'll be popular in Japan.

I came home and took a nap from about 4-7. I'm still very tired.

"Are you eating another one of those veggie hot dogs?" asked granny.
"Is that all you've been eating?"
"Well, that's all I ever smell and see you eat!"
"I eat other things!"
"You'd better be, I don't want you getting sick again. Are you still having dizzy spells?"
"No, I'm taking my vitamins."
"Well, KEEP taking them!"

She's watching me like a hawk. For no reason. I'm perfectly fine! I've been dizzy and lightheaded because I've been eating nothing but sugary snacks and caffeine and ignoring other, more appropriate foods for the past 3 or so weeks. College has a habit of making you forget proper nutrition. But I am eating better and so she has no reason to be so suspicious... I didn't time travel.
better for love

i bought a tattoo encyclopedia today

My feet, they hurt greatly, damn you cute kitten heels. The reign of proflust continues as does Girl A's resistance to coming to class. Dr. Allen says that I "know the strangest things." My cousin Pixie can choke and die. I was relating this story to my granny when Pixie (nee Vera) shows up, of course, to eat like the fattie she is. The story (if you opt to NOT read it) is about some asshole Floridian who has a litter of puppies that he cannot find homes for, so instead of taking them to a shelter he decides to shoot them. He was holding some of the puppies, one squirmed, the gun goes off, shooting said asshole in the wrist. To which Pixie says, "So? They're just animals. Who cares if he shoots them?" Pagan started barking at her (dogs can sense morons) and I said, "Well, feel free to bite Pagan, I'm sure she tastes like ham." That didn't go over well. Is it my fault that she weighs 400lbs and is so pathetic that she actually had that gastro-bypass surgery? Hell no. Fucking fat cunt. My curse to her: "May she get all that she deserves." Peolpe like Pixie are the reason this society is shit. No one cares about ANYTHING let alone the life of what they deem inferior. That's why they're meat eaters, why they wear leather, fur and suede, why they abuse children, that's why serial killers start out abusing animals because it's acceptable and no one gives a shit because the victims are voiceless.
I fucking loathe 3/4 of my family. Why do they live Lord? Why do you mock me with their existence? Why can't you pull some Old Testament vengence out of your ass and smote my enemies? Please? With pink sugar on top?

In other news:

Dear Students Attending the University of Louisville,



Goddamn. I wore: the purple hat that Lauren made for me, hot pink/grey shirt, hot pink/black capris, black and white striped knee socks and white kitten heels. The boy next to me in Polisci (who's last name was Weiner) liked katsuren's heart bag (which is the perfect size for my cd-player (I'm borrowing granny's until I get a new one)).

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NOOOOO!!! CLASS CONFLICT!!! There's a class I want to desperately take next semester at UofL but it's MWF at 11!! NO!! Spring 2005's classes aren't up at Bellarmine yet, but Spring 2004 had Introductory Japanese II at noon! NOOOO!!! I can't make it to Bellarmine from UofL in 10 minutes!! DAMNIT!!! I really really hope that my Japanese class is moved to 1 but I bet it won't be! OMG! NO! WHINE! WHAT IS BUNNY GOING TO DO?? It's a SUPER GAIJIN GIRLS EMERGENCY!! Though, really, everything is an emergency to me, isn't it?
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st. mana

that's all i know about it

I love how condescending my family is to me. They think themselves so much smarter simply by virtue of their age and they lord it over me like a bully on a playground. I've given up arguing (which was a goal that I mentioned here not too long ago) and, though I still get reeled in somewhat, I manage to stay uninvolved. Typical conversation:

Someone: "We had a surplus under Clinton and now we're back in debt because of Bush."

Me: "Do you know what a surplus means in government? Or what happened to that supposed surplus and how the US economy works?"

Someone: "No."

Me: "Okay."


If someone is stupid enough to talk about things they know nothing about then anything I say to them will be wasted because they've gathered their opinion from editorial pieces and rhetoric. If someone were to ask, "But, Bunny, I'm sincerely interested, what is a surplus to the government exactly?" then I'd explain gladly. To have my father tell me that he knows how politics works, he knows how the economy works and he knows I'm wrong about the things he's right about is awful. He's never studied any of it and says he doesn't have to because he's "lived in the real world" which, according to him (and the rest of my family), makes him right and me wrong. As if 1) I don't live in "the real world," 2) his "real world" and someone else's "real world" are identical and, 3) in depth knowledge and understanding of complex issues is gained simply by indirect observation. I can tell you that if you screw in a lightbulb and flip the switch light will appear, however, I certainly can't tell you how to make the lightbulb, I can't tell you how the switch regulates the electricity, nor can I tell you how the wires in the walls work, nor how the power company generates and controls the electricity supplied to your home. Not knowing those things doesn't make me stupid but it certainly doesn't make me more knowledgeable than an electrician or scientist. I may know a lot about politics but for every one thing I know there are seven I don't but at least I'm trying to learn.

So, in other news, I just checked the stats for bollybolly and there are still people coming to download those old paintshop pro brushes I made. Still. This is PSP7 we're talking. Strange. Also there are a lot of people looking for PGSM wallpaper so I'll start making some. I'll do that later I guess.

As it happens, I'm not pregnant after all. I am not carrying Mana's messiah. Strangely, when my period started, I was a bit dissapointed, perhaps I actually expected that Mana had, in fact, magically impregnated me. There is something terribly disturbing about that.

I got my test back today in Japanese. 24.5/23. For "shitsuree shimashita" I put "please excuse me," by the way, and it was right. The -0.5 comes from hajimemashite and me being a dummy and putting "it's nice to meet you" because for some reason I thought it had something to do with meeting for the first time. Which, she explained it does... but... a better translation would be "how do you do?" hence the -0.5. Though, I'm confident I had the highest grade in the class because my paper was on top and I noticed the scores of the people around were getting lower and lower. And there were no corrective marks on my hiragana homework! Last time, I made the 3rd stroke of "ki" too ... um... well, it extended too far, I guess, so she scribbled them out showing me where they should stop. And I learned my lesson and this time it was perfect and she wrote "Good! Yoku dekimashita!" (well done!) Hooray for me! I'm proud of Friday's homework because I think it looks really nice. Today, Morgan (boy in class) brought us all little red buttons with "aisareteimasu" on them and that means "I am loved." CUTE!! So that button is pinned to Kyo-bunny's little black shirt (along with random safety pins cuz he's HARDCORE as a mahfucker!)

I have flat pink Hello Kitty computer speakers that sound like ass and only work occasionally. I want my money back. I doubt I'll get it back but it's worth a shot. Do you want to know how bad the sound quality is? Okay, take your discman/walkman/ipod/etc, take a set of those shitty free earphones you get with it, plug them in, turn on a cd, turn the sound all the way up and set the earphones on a table. See how bad that sounds? Bingo.

Well, the answer was no. Fingers crossed or not, I figured the answer was going to be no. Someone is giving away their rabbit for free (including the cage and things) and I asked and the answer is no. Well, technically, the answer was "SIGH. Well, my better judgement says no and I think you have enough to worry about with school and Pagan (note: um, a rabbit would disrupt this how?) and I would rather you didn't and if your aunt Kathy moves in she'll have to bring Katie and 2 dogs and a rabbit - I just don't know if I could handle that BUT I mean, if you want it I guess...........SIGH." That's granny-code for "dream on fattie." So, I can't have it. It's her house, you know? I don't see how a rabbit in my room would cause a huge catastrophe but granny just hates animals. How this is possible, I don't know, but it is. She thinks cats are too dirty but was more than happy to let my aunt's spawn trample through here leaving trails of smelly trash behind them. Still though, her house, her rules. That's not to say I can't dislike them. I'm really disappointed now. I told my hopes to not jump around last night but did they listen? No. That's what they get.
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kyo loves my tits

Bunny's awesomely awesome mess of a day

My grandmother is officially worried about me. That's sweet and stuff but like I told her, I'm fine. My blood pressure has been low but it's because I'm not sleeping well, drinking too much caffeine and eating too much junk food and not enough healthy food. But, for a minute there, I was worried too. I thought I was going to faint. But I recovered and promptly took my vitamins.

This morning I was treated to quite a lovely show! I was waiting at the busstop when a blue car pulled up next to me. I pay no attention because I hate people anyway. The man pulls into the street, driving somewhat slowly, I look at him, he looks at me and he's actively jerking off. As soon as he sees that I've seen he drives away. How lovely. I'm so lucky. Does the fun ever start?? It's a laugh-a-minute when Bunny's around.

AAA! But! Girl A was back in class and omg and hearts. Seriously. I was sooo jealous of the girl who was sitting next to her because they started up a conversation and I wanted to rip her head off and dance in her blood. But then I figured Girl A might grow a tad puzzled at that action so I quit it and dedicated my time to sneeking glances out of the corner of my eye. I hate when she looks at me because I don't know what it means. Does it mean:

1) Ohmahgawd, she's a freak. She looks horrible. I hate her and want her to die.


2) She looks totally cool and interesting. She looks like a person I'd like to have sex with.


3) Wow, it sure is sunny outside today, I just wish that ugly blonde beast wasn't in the way of the nice window view.

Things just seem unneccesarily complex and dull. Things like this should be easy and really, there's no reason it can't be easy. I hate Girl A for seducing my vocal chords clean out of my body. I sit there, taciturn, almost afraid to say anything and being self-conscious about the tonality of my voice. Do I sound stupid? Is my voice weak? Is she the type of person who judges others on the quality of something as hollow as voice modulations? Why do crushes habitually turn an otherwise normal person into a questioning lump of self-awaredness?

Actually, today it's Minused 220 and + 3Con!! But I've got pink Hello Kitty hashi so it's all good. hidden in here for the ones that read this inane bullshit, I have the hots for my prof.

Sadly, Girl B was not in class. Did I tell you about her? My history class is full of girls that I have hearts for. Not good. At least it's a reason to be interested in the class.

OKAY!! ACTION ALERT! Everyone! Keep your fingers crossed for Bunny! I'm not telling you what it is yet because it's a longshot but cross those fingers and hope for me! I'll let you know once I know. Vague. Bunny apologises. And continues her streak of 3rd person point of view.

I got 3 new pair of socks today! I have a serious sock obsession. But gah, feet are dirty dirty dirty and I have to have them covered. The thought of me walking on my bare feet and picking up dirt to just redistribute makes me ill.

Viva la Bunny!!!
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purple kyo

(no subject)

This sketchbook is a filthy rotten liar!! Bunny doesn't like sketchbooks that lie to her. Bunny has since come to learn that "watercolor safe" does not mean you can actually USE watercolors on this paper, it just means that they can be in the vicinity of the sketchbook, but actual watercoloring? No. Es ist verbotten. I finished this about 3 minutes before Toochers signed offline at like 12.30a (I think) and I didn't want to color it but I did anyway and I just now finished (3.15a). I SWEAR it looks four gabillion times better in person! Like, for seriously. This is ink, colored pencil and watercolor. My sketchbook is hardbound and pages don't just rip out, they have to be exacto-knifed out. Ha. So, the reason one side looks sorta blurry is because it wasn't lying exactly flat on the scanner. And has anyone besides me noticed that when my hair was black that was the usual color for any character I drew and now that I'm blonde, my characters are also blonde? Egotism? Beats me. Probably. Because they usually all have ponytails also. Anyway...

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to satisfy all my needs?

Instead of making icons and a "friends only" banner for Toochers I updated the pic on my userinfo page. You can see the pic here.

In my defense I have no idea how Suzi wants her banner to look so there's no point in even really starting anything until I hear from her. My sewing machine broke and Granny's bobbin on her machine is empty and I can't figure out how to get it to automatically wind so fuck that nonsense. I want my own damn sewing machine. A real one... this one actually. And I'd kill for a fucking serger, this one particularly but I'll let you know when I magically have an extra $700 to spend on it. Look at all of the fancy stitches it does. Siiiiiigh.
Speaking of "stuff I want" I made a birthday/xmas wish list for my family, which, if you know me, is something I NEVER EVER do because getting gifts makes me feel awkward and nervous. This doesn't really stop people from buying them anyway and so this time I actually made a little list. I feel selfish and guilty about it though. However, I'm really superduper broke and these things (for the most part) I need/can and will use. If you wanna see it, it's here. It's all Hello Kitty stuff mainly because it's easy to find and it's something they know I love. Still I hate that I made a list and maybe I won't even show it to my family because I mean... who am I to expect things? I don't deserve anything. Blah.

AIM is being weird and not wanting to work. I had to restart my computer 3 or 4 times last night before I just gave up. Then I drew lots of awful looking pictures and wrote in my diary and worked more on the "thing"* and went to bed. Today, I'm all bored and icky. My hair is fudged up because I slept on it when it was wet and my period is still mysteriously absent (could I be carrying Mana's child???), still lightheaded and funky. I think everyone has a level of "weird" but I don't think it makes anyone interesting because we all have it. Like teeth. Now a lack of teeth, or maybe naturally purple teeth - THAT would be interesting.

340 gone, 260 left. Minused 100 for determination. Of course this raises my Constitution to +2 but lowers my Dexterity to -1. Hopefully on the next roll I'll find a bag of magic beans that makes the need to number crunching unneccesary.

Jeez i'm a nerd.

*The "thing" is a stupid story about faeries that I'm working on.
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milkshake guy - pessimistchick

(no subject)

dear livejournal

ok so like try to keep up or whatever because like, um, this girl is totally all stupid and stuff and like she's um driving us all crazy in here. Cuz all like earlier when we was at school she was all ok or whatever but um then like after the class was done we were just standing there and like, ok, I know that she hates her blue jeans and like fer real they are whack!! I'm glad that she lost weight or whatever but like ok she needs some new clothes. I mean um i could hook her up with some phat threads but I'm thin and pretty and I'm not trying to be rude or whatever but like my clothes totally won't fit her and like I don't want them all stretched out. No offense and stuff but I mean she calls herself hungy hungry hippos. NEwayz, she was like totally buggin and stuff and she was all kinda spazzing but on the inside or whatever and then when the other (and totally badly dressed for rich kids) came out of the other classes at that school she was all weird and nervous or whatever. I thought she was gonna hurl all over the place and stuff and that would've been all messed up!! Cuz like blowing chunks is gross. Ok so then she was like "I'm just leaving" or whatever and she was all like "blah blah essay blah blah" and like who cares?? There are so many more imporatnt things in life. But so right, we left the building and ugh, totally, she was having to hold her pants up and stuff like a hobo!! A real hobo and not one of those fake ceramic ones you can buy at Wal-Mart because I think those things are suppsoed to be cute but um, really they are just stupid and so very old people stuff. So then anyway we was at the bus stop and then this guy was all like "I'm back" and I was all who the h are you? and he was totally old and fat and icky and he said "I'm back from france" and was all like, who are you"? and I was like "um, my name is Ashley who let you in here?" Then he was all ghetto fabulous and saying he was on the hundret dollar bill or whatever and I was like "Um, ew" and "go away now. kthnx" or whatever. So he's all mad that we're on a diet and I was like "you stay out of this mister! but he was all like "I'm not talking to you girl" and I was like, "whatever mister wannabeblackguy with a stupid head. I don't care if he dod invent bifocuses. Just whatever. Then I got rid of him and I got this call from my friend amy and she was like "who was that dude?" and I was like "beats the poop out of me" and we were going to go shopping but then like the stupid bus came and so then she got on that and blah blah blah she missed her busstop!!! (and she's supposed to be rilly smart 2. what the cheese?) She was all like "I'm so lost" and I was like um, well, i don't know any directions or whatever and luckily we got back to the regular place by the animal clinic before the bus came and there was this totally ick guy there and my friend amy was all like, "no way don't talk to that guy he's on a bicycle and wearing a blue skull cap!!" but she did anyway or whatever and I was like so peed off. sigh. Then on the bus was dumb or whatever but my friend Amy told me that sometimes there are cute guys on the bus but the only guys I saw were icks. Newayz she just flipped through her chinese book, or whatever, and that's boring. oh my gosh it's so crowded in here, ew. At least that perv boy is sleeping and that ghetto old dude is gone or whatever so that just leaves me and amy and stuff. I wish i could buy a kitten but like I think I'm allergic to cats because they always leave they're fur all over me!! but like, then we get here or whatever and things don't even get better or whatever she's just all stupid and says she feels "num and out of phase" and I was like "that's dumb! You're a dummy!" I'm tellin you guys she's totally f'd up or whatever. Newayz she's feeling better now or whatever and I totally know that's cuz of me cuz I'm just like the coolest evah and make every1 happy to the max or whatever. and guess what???? I totally have a new hat!!! It's a newsboy and it's a corderoy brown with a pink ribbon and it so totally like um matches my purse or whatever. Ew, she's got this stupid history chanel on about this old murder case. sometimes i totaly hate her and stuff but like my friend Amy or whatever was like we'll totally go rent some hunky movies and watch them and eat low fat popcorn or whatever and totally have a you go girl night! that's totally like this other day when I was with my sorority sisters (ex horseshoe forever!!!!!!!!) and we totally were crushing on the new Josh Hartnett movie!! He's is sooooo kyute and stuff! ok, newayz I'm outie!!!


milkshake guy - pessimistchick

"I'm tired" wa Nihongo de nan to iimasu ka.

That was a simple quiz! Yay! Like really easy. The extra credit question was to define (in english) "shitsuree shimasu" and I'm not sure about it because the book gives 3 definitions. First of all it's really polite, second of all here are the definitions:

1) goodbye
2) excuse me
3) I'm sorry

I don't remember which one I put to be honest. But I didn't know it also meant "goodbye." Anyway, with that one exception, the rest of the quiz I know I aced. I'm sure the actual test on the 24th will be more difficult and will require hiragana. This weekend I have Japanese homework, I want to practise hiragana, I have to read that book and write the essay for Tuesday. Oy.

In other news, how many other people besides myself watched the RNC? I didn't think so. But anyway, President Bush's speech was really good. I was surprised. I knew that the GOP had been planning to announce their intention to get rid of the IRS and Bush talked about stream-lining and simplifying the tax code and system. I would be fucking thrilled to have the IRS dissolved and replaced by a nice flat tax with few loopholes (some are needed and create incintives for business, like it or not, it's important) and an easy way for the layperson to understand exactly why their money is being stolen. Getting rid of the IRS is like.... heavenly. Plus, I also like the Social Security plan. Young workers (and actually, I think this will apply to everyone under 65) can put some of their social security tax money into a private account. Ooooooooo... I looooooove that toooooo!!
And I believe in "conservative values" and family values and I think more people need to realise the responsiblity they have to their families. My family sucked, lots of people have shitty families who despise each other and that's just wrong. Your family should mean something to you and I think we need to emphasize the importance of family. When I say that, people usually automatically think that I'm a fundamentalist who hates gays and single moms, none of that is true. Your family is what you make it. And they are all important. What's so wrong with wanting to strengthen the family unit? Traditional family or non-traditional it doesn't matter. It just bugs me that the term "family values" is deemed evil and hateful because of the levied assumptions. I used to be one of those people because I was a douche who didn't think about anything logically, you know? I based my opinion on conjecture and hearsay and assumed I was right without bothering to think things through to a reasonable end. Too many people are like that. Unfortunately. Sometimes when I think my opinions through I find that I'm wrong. Ha! But oh well, such is life and learning and I'd much rather move forward than stagnate.

Why do I get off on tangents? Someone on one of the vegan communities was talking about gyoza (potstickers) and there is a company that makes vegan ones. Whine. I'm so hungry. How many more calories can I have today... 170. Damn you 330 calorie Pitch Black Mountain Dew!!! I shouldn't have drank it. Oh well. Plus, breakfast and lunch and now I can have... a veggie hot dog OR a veggie burger and half a bag of 100 calorie wheat thins. Sigh.

I think I'll take a nap. Kazuko-sensee's niece named her cat Maru (circle) because he has such a round face. I think that's funny.
better for love

maybe this wind blowin' in just came from the ocean

Who knew The Enlightenment was so boring? If History doesn't begin to interest me really soon I'll end up failing this class, proof of this is evidenced in the AMAZINGLY AWESOME NOTES I took during class, here, have a looksee: Clicky click. Cool, ne? By the way, above the spiderweb it says "science," because, I don't know why. Maybe 'cuz the Enlightenment was all about science and reason and rational thinking and skepticism? Anyway, my notes for Polisci are better (though still covered in doodles) but mostly I just wrote "blah blah blah, I already know this stuff, blah blah blah" and more doodles. I'm one talented doodle-artist. I could have a gallery showing.

Looks like the hurricane remains will stomp into here eventually, but not until Wednesday or so. I'm worried about Kirin and her family.

Gosh, I love the bags of soy chips in the SAC because a) them's right tasty! and, b) ONLY 140 CALORIES FOR THE WHOLE DAMN BAG!! Sheesh, this morning I was soooo cranky and in a bad mood that I swear, it was like people Red Sea'd around me. Usually it's a Knight's Quest of mazes to get to class but not today. I think they could sense that I would light them on fire if any one of them dared say anything. Plus, because I got there late, some doofus guy was in my seat but haha, because I sat next to him anyway. NEENER, MOTHER FUCKER, NEENER!!

I found out about the Asian ilm Fest at UofL today from Prof. Brittingham. I'm SOOOO going!!! ... to the Asian films. There are 3 (2 Chinese, 1 Japanese) and the 3 movie pass is only $3! I'm buying a ticket tomorrow! Yippee! But then I get to come home and work on that damn essay.

I love Michelle Branch.

Oh, and Girl wasn't in class today. Sobering and depressing.
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